Teen History Tour
Trip 1: June 4 - June 16   SOLD OUT
Trip 2: June 18 - June 30 
Trip 3: July 2 - July 14   SOLD OUT
Trip 4: July 16 - July 28 Cost: $2400.00
Deposit $600.00
(per person)

Youth between the ages of 14-19 join this tour designed to build their testimony of the Gospel. We have scripture study every day, a class one night on morality and dating, another on the Second Coming, a testimony meeting that touches hearts, a special experience planned at the Sacred Grove and Susquehanna River and much more. Another goal is to help the youth realize they belong to the "Army of God" and to prepare for that which is ahead. We have literally seen these tours change lives. On this tour you will see the following: Liberty Jail, Independence Missouri Visitors Center, Kansas City Temple, J. C. Penney home, RLDS Temple, Hedrikite Church, Far West, Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Jamesport (Amish community and shopping), Nauvoo, Joseph Smith Homestead, Joseph Smith Store where the Relief Society was organized, the Nauvoo Temple, a live play in Nauvoo, Warsaw, Carthage Jail, Gettysburg, Washington D.C., The White House, Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt, WWII, Korean and Vietnam Memorials, Arlington Cemetery, Ford Theater and the Capitol, The Smithsonian, the Washington D. C. Temple, Philadelphia, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, New York City, ride Staten Island Ferry, the Empire State Building, "Ground Zero", Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Central Park, China Town, Trump Tower, a Broadway play (optional), the Susquehanna River where the Priesthood was restored, the Isaac Hale Farm, Peter Whitmer Farm, Hill Cumorah Pageant (only on fourth youth tour), Joseph Smith Home, Sacred Grove, Grandin Building, Martin Harris Farm, Palmyra Temple, Erie Canal, Niagara Falls, Kirtland Temple, Whitney Store, Issac Morley Farm, etc.

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